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Teresa Berryman is an Author and Founder/CEO of Inspiration by Teresa; a brand that was created to help and encourage others. Her vision was inspired through her mother’s love and passion to help others. Teresa Berryman grew up in Texas surrounded by genuine family & appreciation. She has a joyful spirit that brightens every atmosphere. She has a smile of peace, kindness and comfort, and a personality that enhances everyone’s day no matter what they’re going through. She feeds her soul with the word of GOD and great inspiration. “There’s a thrilling feeling of elevation, a burst of energy, an awareness of enlarged possibilities when one focuses on words that inspire them. Teresa’s desire is to see everyone prosper in life, be treated with respect, while also experiencing happiness throughout their journey. Life often comes with trials and it can throw us a few unexpected curve balls. By having strong faith and consistent prayer time, while remaining inspired can help us overcome our trials. 


Life requires great inspiration. The heights of human motivation spring from the beauty and goodness that precede us and awakens us to better achievements. This is provided to us by remaining inspired. Because Teresa grew up watching her mother provide for their family as a single parent while also keeping everyone around her encouraged, this form of empowerment was often greatly appreciated. People would seek her mother out for this. Her inspiring love and greatness Teresa witnessed throughout her young life, which later helped her throughout her adult life. As Teresa faced obstacles throughout her journey, it was inspiration that gave her the encouragement that she needed to keep moving forward in life. She desires to do the same for others. Because inspiration awakens us to new possibilities by allowing us to transcend our ordinary experiences and limitations, Teresa understands her gift of helping others to overcome and evolve as her inspiration propels many from apathy to possibility and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities.


In 2018, Teresa released 2 books. "Loving God, Loving Me, Loving Life" is her most popular book title. Her custom t-shirts with excellent quality & beautiful inspiration, include options that are made with the same title as her book, because it reminds her of how far she’s come, each time that she wears them. Her inspiring quotes are often requested by others as many greatly appreciate the positivity, encouragement & love that “Inspiration by Teresa” shares. We all sometimes need those motivating reminders. Teresa can also relate to what it feels like to be discouraged. But throughout every trial, she's found peaceful paths by focusing on the word of GOD. She’s found great peace there and learned to never give up on GOD, to never give up on herself and to never give up on life. Teresa Berryman is now able to share her empowering brand even more as she continues to uplift others as we all push to overcome any & every obstacle while enjoying a beautiful life; a life full of great inspiration and strong faith. 

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